Pediatric Dentistry

If it’s been awhile since you graduated to an “adult dentist,” you’ve been missing out on a lot. There have been massive changes in pediatric dentistry, so those days of fearing the sound of the drill are long gone. Now, the best pediatric dentists design their practice with the patient in mind (sorry, parent, it’s all about the kids here). At Smiles 4 Kids, our pediatric dentists and hygienists utilize the latest technology to bring a painless experience to every young patient. There are different approaches that must be adopted for kids’ teeth, which are still growing and might still include “baby teeth.” Not just any dentist will do.

In order to qualify and become certified as a pediatric dentist, an additional two years of schooling are required—that’s like pre-school and Kindergarten put together for many young patients (except with a lot more tests). Plus, not just anybody can be a successful pediatric dentist. Beyond being an expert at all things related to oral health and hygiene, you also have to have a penchant for working with kids. That’s no easy task, but every member of the Smiles 4 Kids team pulls double duty. Not only are the dentists and hygienists well-trained professionals, they also truly care about children and ensure every patient is comfortable and leaves smiling.

What’s involved with Pediatric Dentistry?

Much like the other bones in the body, children’s teeth are going through a lot of changes, including growing, changing, falling out and growing back in. The average pediatric dental visit involves an exam and cleaning, X-rays and a fluoride treatment—with the patient’s choice of delicious flavors. Unlike adult cleanings, most kids’ cleanings are more like a polish. That means no scary picks, loud drills, pokes or prods. It’s a pretty fast, simple and even enjoyable process.

In some situations, dental sedation may be required for restorations, emergencies and trauma. Some kids have a tendency to get cavities, whether it’s from poor dental care, a sweet tooth or just plain bad luck (or genes). In that case, pediatric dentistry takes a holistic and pain-free approach to addressing the cavity. Patients and their parents are given the information they need to fight cavities at home, and demonstrations on proper techniques to avoid them down the road.