Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in food and water, and protects a tooth’s enamel from getting worn away by everyday wear and tear. The process is called “re-mineralization,” and a fluoride treatment can help re-deposit enamel to the tooth after it’s taken a beating from abrasive foods and drinks. Even healthy foods, like berries, contain acid that can wear away teeth—and when enamel gets too beat up, that can cause tooth decay. With fluoride, teeth become more resistant to plaque, sugar and bacteria in the mouth. It can even reverse decay if applied early enough.

Your pediatric dentist or hygienist can recommend a fluoride toothpaste or rinse at home, but nothing compares to an in-office fluoride treatment. For children under the age of six, fluoride is especially important. Since the teeth are still growing, fluoride becomes an actual part of permanent teeth, making it tough for acids to cause de-mineralization. However, anyone at any age can benefit from a fluoride treatment—but it’s usually only the pediatric dentists that offer the gourmet flavors. Your child can select from a variety of options like bubblegum, mint and even fruit flavored fluoride.

Who Needs It Most?

Anyone can benefit from a solid fluoride application, but it’s especially important for those who live in areas where fluoride isn’t added to the drinking water. Additionally, kids who are prone to decay and cavities can consider fluoride their secret weapon. Added onto the end of an exam or cleaning, fluoride is truly the dessert of dentistry. At Smiles 4 Kids, we pride ourselves on offering a grand selection of flavors, so your child can sample them all or stick to their favorite after each visit.

Fluoride comes in a gel, varnish or foam, and only takes a few minutes to apply. If your child is between six months and 16 years old, it’s crucial that their teeth are exposed to fluoride. As adult teeth grow in, they deserve the protection that only topical fluoride can provide. Buff up those developing teeth and your child will be on the fast track to a healthy mouth for life.