Exam and Dental Cleaning

An exam and dental cleaning is the bread and butter of pediatric dentistry—and at Smiles 4 Kids, we do it right. We’ve been cleaning young mouths in the Omaha area for years, and we’ve seen it all, from excellent brushers to early flossers, those with a serious sweet tooth to kids who need a little extra TLC on their teeth. Our expert dentists went to two extra years of school to specialize in young mouths and all that extra training, dedication and effort paid off, and your children reap the benefits. So what exactly can you expect from a pediatric exam and cleaning?

First, the dentist and hygienist will thoroughly examine the teeth and gums manually. As an adult, this is usually the time when you start hoping to hear lower numbers as your dentist prods with a pick, stinging the gums and counting off just how much decay you have—that doesn’t happen at Smiles 4 Kids. This process is totally painless, and your child will only feel a little tapping. There’s no digging below the gums here, because it’s all about getting your children started with a healthy relationship with the dentist.

A Clean and Tidy Mouth

Likewise, pediatric cleanings are nothing like adult cleanings. There are no drills, no excessively loud noises and no discomfort at all. A routine cleaning is more like a buff and polish, and kids even get to choose their toothpaste flavor. Smiles 4 Kids has something for every palate, whether your child has leanings towards spices like cinnamon or a more traditional favorite fruit flavor. Why not indulge while getting a glowing smile? After all, they’re already out of school scot-free.

Pediatric cleanings are fast and easy—just the way it should be. It’s often followed by a fluoride rinse, where your child will have the option of choosing a flavor here, too. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of culinary delights. Who knew getting a cleaning could be so delicious? With treats like these, it’s no wonder Smiles 4 Kids is the favorite pediatric clinic in Omaha. Just like diners at a fine restaurant, our customers (ahem, patients) always leave satisfied and looking forward to the next visit.