Digital X-Rays

Easily the coolest part of any pediatric dental visit, digital X-rays give dentists (and kids) a glimpse into the “underground” of their mouth. Worried about radiation risks? Don’t be—today’s digital radiation is just as safe as standing in front of the microwave waiting for those Dinobites to heat up. However, it does require one skill that kids need to master: Being perfectly still for a few seconds. Luckily, digital X-rays are so fast when expertly handled, that this is a task every kid can complete. Plus, when the end result is a look at your skull, it’s worth the effort.

When you visit Smiles 4 Kids in Omaha, your dentist and hygienist will snap the X-rays and share them with you and your child. You might get to see some adult teeth growing in, perhaps even pushing against those baby teeth (which explains that shaky tooth). You might spot some wisdom teeth buried deep in the back of the mouth or about to erupt. And if your child has any fillings or cavities? Those can be pinpointed, too. Your kid sees their face in the mirror every day, hopefully while brushing and flossing, but this is an entirely new perspective.

Why Annual X-Rays

A lot of changes can take place in a few short months, especially with growing and changing mouths. By getting annual X-rays, your dentist can see what shifts have occurred and can get a head start on any troubling areas. For example, maybe there’s crowding or an impacted wisdom tooth (ouch!). Perhaps a cavity has popped up. Teeth can get out of alignment, there might be issues with a missing filling or any other number of issues that X-rays can help find.

Plus, getting those annual X-rays results in something akin to a picture diary of your child’s oral health. You can see where they started, and even get advance notice of when the Tooth Fairy will pay a visit. X-rays are completely painless, fast and safe. The only advice for kids is that holding the “bites” in place can be a little uncomfortable. But the end result? It’s totally worth it.