Dental Sedation

If only bedtime were this easy. Today’s dental sedation is safer and gentler than ever. Gone are the days when the only options were being completely knocked out or that laughing gas that, while admittedly great, could linger in the system a little too long—and your kids are silly enough, right? The dental sedation options available at Smiles 4 Kids are the safest for your children and are administered by skilled anesthesiologists with proven track records. When sedation is necessary, such as with an emergency or trauma situation, you need more than the right sedation. You and your child deserve a caring, warm dental team that puts you at ease.

As the leading pediatric dental office in Omaha, we specialize in sedation techniques and procedures which are proven, effective and provide your child with the exact amount of sedation necessary. In the case of full sedation, which is rare, there are always risks, but your doctor will talk you and your child through what to expect. The safety of each patient is our primary goal, and there are many sedation options to ensure the best fit for your child.

Prepping for Sedation

This can be a scary concept for many kids, and getting them ready for the procedure takes the right touch. They need to know what to expect and be reassured many times that they will feel absolutely no pain. However, depending on the procedure, there may be some discomfort and/or swelling afterward. Your dentist can walk you through tricks to ease discomfort, from over the counter painkillers like Children’s Tylenol to ice packs. We’ll discuss the plan of action before the procedure so you can be well prepared.

Of course, the best “trick” oftentimes is an ice cream or smoothie diet for the rest of the day. A cold treat can work wonders, especially for young patients who might be a little groggy after sedation. However, kids aren’t the only ones who might be worried. If it helps your kids (or you), parents and guardians are always welcome to attend during the procedure. A little peace of mind can go a long way.