Dental Restorations

Sometimes accidents happen. Maybe your child got an elbow to the face in PE, maybe they fell on the playground or maybe all that horseplay in the living room got a little out of hand. The good news is that when a baby tooth is injured, dental restorations are very affordable since they’re temporary. However, if it was an adult tooth that was chipped, lost or damaged, a great pediatric dentist has all the skill and tools for a full restoration that’s built to last. You have a lot of options to choose from if restoration is in order, and Smiles 4 Kids’ staff will work with you (and your budget).

Depending on your preferences, baby tooth vs. adult tooth, and budget, you can choose from a metal restoration or one that’s customized to match the color of the tooth. Metal restorations, such as fillings, are much more cost-effective and are perfect for back teeth. These are often used to fill cracked teeth from that super hard candy treat or for vacancies left by cavities. If it’s out of sight, out of mind, then it might as well be easy on the pocketbook. But what if the area in need of TLC is a little more front and center?

Expert Restorations Nobody Will Ever Notice

At Smiles for Kids, we’ve been serving children in Omaha for years and we’ve seen it all. Teeth knocked out on a carousel ride, a cavity caused by binging on a few too many candy bars and a chipped tooth from the first bicycle ride without training wheels are common occurrences in our office. Our pediatric dentists are well equipped to “fix up your child” so they’re as good as new (or at least as good as they were before the “incident”). With restorations customized to match your child’s teeth, nobody but you, your child and your dentist will be in on this little secret.

There are pros and cons, as well as different prices, for each type of restoration, and we’ll happily walk you through each option. Don’t let price alone play a factor. Perhaps another type of natural restoration is a better fit for your child, or maybe it’s better to perform a “quick fix” if it’s a severely chipped baby tooth and let the undamaged adult tooth move in. No matter what the situation, there’s a best approach for you and your child—we’ll help you find it. However, as for that missing tooth, you’re at the end of that quest.