Dental Emergencies and Trauma

Getting a tooth (or a few) knocked out is nearly a rite of passage for kids. However, dental emergencies and traumas never come with advance notice. Maybe it was from a particularly boisterous game of soccer, during a horseback riding lesson or perhaps your budding gymnast didn’t quite stick that landing. Whether it’s a knocked out tooth, serious chip or crack, or pain that’s too severe to wait for an appointment, Smiles 4 Kids is your go-to pediatric specialist for those last minute urgent appointments. We know just how scary and painful tooth trauma can be.

It’s worrisome enough as an adult to find a missing tooth after a fall—imagine how horrific it seems to a child. Other times, your child may have been having tooth pain for awhile but hadn’t said anything (kids are known to keep a secret from time to time). However, when you really need to see a pediatric dentist (and fast) there’s no time to spare. That’s why we offer lightning fast and accessible services just for trauma and emergency patients.

At Ease, Soldier

It might seem impossible to get a scared, crying and wriggling young dental patient to calm down enough to take care of the situation—but those kinds of situations are where we at Smiles 4 Kids shine. We’ve dealt with it all, seen it all and there’s no situation too big for us to handle. After all, every member of our staff got into pediatric dentistry out of a genuine desire to help kids and to make them smile. This includes amidst a dental emergency, when all our patient wants is to get some comfort and a pain-free mouth.

When you’re in pain, you don’t want to wait for relief. When your child’s in pain, you’re on a mission to fix things immediately. Let Smiles 4 Kids come to the rescue and put everyone’s mind at ease. With a combination of topical numbers, perhaps sedation, dentists and hygienists with a gift for calming down young patients and years of experience, that “traumatic” moment will soon be a thing of the past. Plus, if your kid is lucky enough, maybe that tooth that went MIA will be recovered—and right on time for the Tooth Fairy to come to town.