About Us

What’s in a name? Everything you need to know when it comes to Smiles 4 Kids, Omaha’s leading pediatric dental team. In order to be a certified dentist for kids, dentists require an extra two years of training on top of dental school, internships and residencies—but the secret ingredient is a love of children and excellent chair-side manner.

Remember when a trip to the dentist meant playing hooky from school and getting a cold treat if you were cavity-free? Those days are back. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a chore, something that’s dreaded or a worrisome experience for kids. It should be both educational and enjoyable—and it can be when you have the right dentists on your side. At Smiles 4 Kids, we take a holistic approach to oral care, and help teach your kids how to make those daily brushings, rinses and flossing a little easier.

From A to Z (or Bicuspid to Molar)

We’re a comprehensive pediatric dental office, which means we offer everything including general cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental restorations, exams, sedation and of course emergencies and trauma care. If your little one is a little wary, don’t worry—you’re more than welcome to stand by them during the procedures. However, after the first visit, most parents are directed to the waiting room by their kids. Choosing that tasty fluoride flavor or learning how awesome X-rays are might seem like play to kids, but it’s all a part of the full pediatric dental experience.

At Smiles 4 Kids, we’re committed to a 100 percent comfortable and painless experience even during emergencies. With sedation when needed, tasty topical numbers for less invasive procedures and an entire office that’s filled to the brim with fun and entertainment, this isn’t your regular dentist office. It’s designed just for kids and doubles as an information hub.

You and your child will rest easy (likely in those big, cushy chairs) knowing that your Omaha pediatric specialists have everything under control. Going to the dentist should be a fun day full of cutting class and acing that cavity test—and we’ll make sure that happens.